2018 Seminar Series

Providing Better Healthcare Through Systems Engineering
Seminars start at 4:30 in 1123 LBME.

September 10, 2018 [Flyer] [Slides]
“Patient Safety Challenges and Ways to Overcome Them with a Systems Approach”
Jim Bagian, MD
University of Michigan, Center for Healthcare Engineering and Patient Safety

September 17, 2018
2018 Symposium on Healthcare Engineering and Patient Safety
5-7:30PM *time change!
3rd/4th floors Lurie Engin. Center
1221 Beal Ave *location change!

September 24, 2018 [Flyer] [Slides] [Video]
“A Simulation Model to Assess the Impact of Insurance Expansion on Colorectal Cancer Screening at the Population Level”
Maria Mayorga, PhD
NC State University, ISE

October 1, 2018 [Flyer]
“‘Consumer Reports’ for Hip and Knee Replacement Implants Based on a State-wide Registry”
Richard Hughes, PhD
Michigan Medicine, Orthopaedic Surgery

October 8, 2018 [Flyer] [Slides]
“Medical Imaging Inverse Problems Using Optimization and Machine Learning”
Jeff Fessler, PhD
University of Michigan, EECS

October 15, 2018
FALL BREAK, no seminar

October 22, 2018 [Flyer] [Slides] [Video]
“Systems Engineering and Ophthalmologic Telemedicine: Preventing Blindness”
April Maa, MD
Emory Eye Center
Adam Van Deusen, PhD Student
University of Michigan, IOE

October 29, 2018 [Flyer] [Slides]
“Integrating Hospital Systems:Quality and Cost Impacts”
Walt Hancock, PhD
University of Michigan, IOE

November 5, 2018
INFORMS, no seminar

November 12, 2018 [Flyer] [Slides] [Video]
“Human Factors and Cognitive Engineering: A Pharmacist’s Perspective of Medication Safety”
Corey Lester, PharmD, PhD
University of Michigan, College of Pharmacy

November 19, 2018 [Flyer] [Slides] [Video]
“Nurse Staffing under Absenteeism: A Distributionally Robust Optimization Approach”
Ruiwei Jiang, PhD
University of Michigan, IOE

November 26, 2018 [Flyer] [Video]
“The Intelligent Glaucoma Clinic: A passive RFID Time Study System to Optimize Patient Wait Times”
Paula Anne Newman-Casey, MD
Michigan Medicine, Kellogg Eye Center

December 3, 2018 [Flyer]
“Does Surgical Training Need to be Re-engineered?”
Brian George, MD
University of Michigan, Learning Health Sciences

December 10, 2018 [Flyer] [Video]
“Scheduling for Home Healthcare”
Mehmet Begen, PhD
Western University, Ivey Business School

Note on location: 1123 LBME is room 1123 in the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Biomedical Engineering Building (LBME). Street address is 1101 Beal Avenue.
Link to map and directions: http://www.bme.umich.edu/about/directions.php.

For additional information and to be added to the weekly e-mail for the series, please contact [email protected].