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2015 Symposium Posters

Below, you will see a listing of all posters, games, and simulations presented at the 2015 Symposium. Where available, they are linked.

Games and Simulations

GS01 Flow Visualization at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital
Hassan Abbas, Mark Grum, Brooke Szymanski, Amy Cohn, Michelle Macy, and Allison Cator

GS02 Phlebotomy Simulation
Ajaay Chandrasekaran and Jonathon McCormick

GS03 A Simulation-Based Tool to Improve Matching of Trainees to Surgical Opportunities
Billy Pozehl, Amy Cohn, Rishi Reddy, Jake Seagull, and Mark Daskin

GS04 Patient Appointment Scheduling Game
Nina Scheinberg

GS04 Pediatric Shift Scheduling Game
Luke Stumpos


P01 Care at Home

P02 Michigan Center for Integrative Research in Critical Care

P03 Documentation using Discrete Fields or Free-Text in Mi-Chart: Implications for Research
Andrea Bouwhuis and Michelle Macy

P04 Referral Patterns from Pediatric Care Clinics to the Emergency Department
Molly Laux, Christina Grech, Michelle Macy, Heather Burrows, and Elaine Pomeranz

P05 The Seth Bonder Foundation
CHEPS and The Seth Bonder Foundation

P06 Seth Bonder
CHEPS and The Seth Bonder Foundation

P07 Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School
IHI Open School

P08 Using Optimization Techniques to Improve the Shift Scheduling of Operating Room Staff
Kayse Lee Maass, Mark S. Daskin, Kerstin Rider, Amy McGonegal, Laura Feuerbacher, and Emily Tucker

P09 Simulating a Medical Observation Unit for a Pediatric Emergency Department
Mark Grum and Gabriel Zayas- Caban

P10 Data Quality and Strategy for Healthcare Providers and Payers under Pay-for-Performance
Xuanya (Bill) Zhang

P11 Optimization of OR Block Schedule
Mary Duck, Sachin Kheterpal, and Jenny Pardo

P12 Surgery Scheduling with Recovery Resources
Maya Bam, Brian Denton, Mark Van Oyen, Mark Cowen

P13 Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation

P14 Learning Health System

P15 Glove Box – Secure Cloud Computing For Research At UM
Patrick Brady, Sharon Broude Geva, Tony Markel, and Brahmajee Nallamothu

P16 Scheduling Medical Residents With Conflicting Requests For Time-Off
Brian Lemay, Amy Cohn, and Marina Epelman

P17 A Stochastic Programming Approach to Reduce Patient Wait Times and Overtime in an Outpatient Infusion Center
Jeremy Castaing, Amy Cohn, and Brian Denton

P18 Predicting Deliveries in a Labor and Delivery Unit
Vanessa Morales

P19 Advancing Hospital Institutional Objectives Through Engineering  Applications
Joseph East, Suneela Nayak, Jorden Peck, and Jeff Sanders

P20 Human infrastructure for Patient Safety: PASQUAL Scholars Program
F. Jacob Seagull, Grant Greenberg, and Joe Derosier

P21 Policy Approximation for Optimal Treatment Planning
Wesley Marrero, Greggory Schell, Mariel Lavieri, Jeremy Sussman, and Rodney Hayward

P22 Exact Methods for Finding Pareto-Dominant Resident Shift Schedules for a Pediatric Emergency Department
Young-Chae Hong, Amy Cohn, and Marina Epelman

P23 Block Scheduling for Medical Residents
Billy Pozehl, Amy Cohn, Janice Davis, and Ed O’Brien

P24 Shift Scheduling for C.S. Mott Pediatric Emergency Department
Paige Mollison, Amy Cohn, Gabriel Zayas-Caban, and Steven Gorga

P25 Attending Physician Scheduling at the Mott Emergency Department
Luke Stumpos and Brendan Schultz

P26 Creating a Dedicated Quality and Value-creation System in an Academic Department of Pathology
Brian Tolle, Lisa Brown, Suzanne Butch, Kellen Kangas, Jeffrey Lott, Amy Mapili, Marianne Mara, John Perrin, and Scott Owens

P27 An Innovative Framework to Improve Efficiency of Interhospital Transfer of Children in Respiratory Failure
Luke Bruski, Mariel Lavieri, Fola Odetola, and Gabriel Zayas- Caban

P28 Removing Bottlenecks in the Newborn Screening Process in Michigan
Amy Cochran, Mary Klein, Sarah Reeves, Beth Tarini, Dalton Simancek, and Gabriel Zayas- Caban

P29 Optimizing Global Liver Function in Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
Victor W. Wu, Marina A. Epelman, H. Edwin Romeijn, Yue Cao, Hesheng Wang, Randall K. Ten Haken, and Martha Matuszak

P30 Determining an Optimal Schedule for Pre-Mixing Chemotherapy Drugs
Donald Richardson, Amy Cohn, Alon Weizer, Carolina Typaldos, Kelly Procailo

P31 Missed Opportunities in Preventing Hospital Readmissions: Redesigning Post-Discharge Checkup Policies
Xiang Liu, Jonathan Helm, Michael Hu, Mariel Lavieri, and Ted Skolarus

P32 Innovations in Surgical Instrument Reprocessing Methods for Improved Patient Safety and Financial Stewardship at UMHS
Rama Mwenesi, Nina Scheinberg, Amy Cohn, James P. Bagian, Joseph DeRosier, Mark Grum, and Shawn Murphy

P33 Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Case Requirements for General Surgeons in Pediatric Surgery: Evaluation of Current Operative Volume on Resident Completion of Index Cases
Tina Thomas, Rishindra Reddy, Tiffany Ballard, Amy Cohn, William Pozehl, and Peter Ehrlich

P34 Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Pediatric Surgery Requirements for the General Surgery Resident in the Era of Technological Advancement & Fellowship Programs
Tina Thomas, Rishindra Reddy, Tiffany Ballard, Amy Cohn, William Pozehl, Kenneth Gow, and Peter Ehrlich

P35 Improving Patient Access to Weight Management Program for Morbidly Obese Patients
Moses Chan, Elizabeth Olin, Amy Cohn, and Amy Rothberg

P36 Optimizing Early Detection Decisions for Prostate Cancer: Can New Biomarkers Help Save Lives?
Christine Barnett, Scott Tomlins, John Wei, Todd Morgan, James Montie, Brian Denton

P37 Improving Patient Flow in an Outpatient Chemotherapy Infusion Center
Matt Rouhana and Pamela Martinez

P38 Rule-based Prediction Analysis for 30-Days Neurological Recovery Status Post Stent-Assisted Coiling Treatment of Brain Aneurysms
Karmel S. Shehadeh, Chun-An Chou, Varun Reddy, and Yahia Lodi