Faculty & Staff

Amy Cohn

Amy Cohn, PhD, Faculty Director

Amy Ellen Mainville Cohn (she/her) is an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor in the Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan, where she also holds an appointment in the Department of Health Management and Policy in the School of Public Health. Dr. Cohn is the Faculty Director of the Center for Healthcare Engineering and Patient Safety (CHEPS). She holds an A.B. in applied mathematics, magna cum laude, from Harvard University and a PhD in operations research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her primary research interests are in applications of combinatorial optimization, particularly to healthcare and aviation, and to the challenges of optimization problems with multiple objective criteria.

She values teaching, mentoring, having a positive impact on society through her work, and helping to foster a vibrant, diverse, nurturing community. She and her husband Jonathan are the proud parents of two sons, Tommy and Peter. 

Email: [email protected]
Website: amycohn.engin.umich.edu

Gene Kim

Gene Kim, Administrative Assistant

Gene (they/she/he—I’ve been called them all and they all work for me) graduated with a BA from U-M and then an MBA from EMU. They have worked at the university since 2006 and at CHEPS since 2010. They enjoy dancing ballet, spending time with their dog, and gardening.

Email: [email protected]

Marina Epelman

Marina Epelman, PhD, Faculty Affiliate

Marina Epelman (she/her) is a CHEPS Faculty Affiliate as well as an IOE professor at the University of Michigan. She received a BA in Mathematics from Cornell University, a Ph.D. in Operations Research from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has been a professor since. Aside from collaborating on CHEPS projects in patient and provider scheduling, Marina is working with Michigan Medicine on an improved optimization model for radiation treatments for cancer patients. Marina is an enthusiast of Apple technologies, Red Sox baseball, and dogs.

Email: [email protected]

William Pozehl

William Pozehl, Research Manager

Billy Pozehl (he/him) is the Research Manager at CHEPS. He began working at the Center as an undergraduate student researcher and holds BSE and MSE degrees in Industrial and Operations Engineering. He has been full-time staff since 2015. He enjoys helping our student CHEPSters brainstorm the challenges they face as they work on our projects and spends his free time watching Michigan sports.

Email: [email protected]

Hooman Niktafar

Hooman Niktafar, Software Manager

Hooman Niktafar (he/him) is the CHEPS Software Manager who possesses over 20+ years of experience across the IT sector. Prior to joining CHEPS, Hooman earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and worked for several Fortune 500 companies. Hooman holds an extensive background involving software integration/development and cross-functional team management. In his free time, Hooman enjoys playing video games, board games, and kayaking.

Email: nhooman@umich.edu

Luke DeRoos

Luke DeRoos, PhD, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

Luke DeRoos (he/they) is a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst. He received his PhD in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan with a certificate in Precision Health. Prior to CHEPS, he worked in the automotive, produce, medical device, and software industries. Outside of work, Luke enjoys spending time with his husband and daughter, playing tennis, and watching reality TV.

Email: [email protected]

Hannah Buck

Hannah Buck, Communications Specialist

Hannah Buck (she/her) is the CHEPS Communications Specialist. She graduated from the University of Michigan in 2019 having majored in Creative Writing & Literature and minored in Digital Studies. After a few years of teaching middle school in New York City, she returned to Michigan to join CHEPS in March 2023. Outside of work, Hannah is a reader, writer, and soccer player.

Email: [email protected]