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Below is a listing of all posters presented at the 2019 Symposium. Where available, the posters are linked.

Masco Commons (3rd Floor)

The Center for Healthcare Engineering & Patient Safety

Immersed: Practice Your Purpose

Master’s Concentration in Healthcare Engineering & Patient Safety

Seth Bonder
CHEPS and The Seth Bonder Foundation

The Seth Bonder Foundation
CHEPS and The Seth Bonder Foundation

Walt Hancock
CHEPS and Don Chaffin

Johnson Rooms (3rd Floor)

Automating Trauma Call Scheduling for Short and Long-Term Gains
Hannah Strat, Kristine Wang, Yizhou Cao, Daniel Cullen, Jacob Martin, Nicholas Zacharek, William Pozehl, Amy Cohn, Penny Trinkle, Krishnan Raghavendran

Clearing Bottlenecks on the Road to Cardiac Intensive Care
Luke Liu, Amanda Moreno-Hernandez, Harini Pennathur, Donald Richardson, Ziqi Wang, Shuhao Zho, Amy Cohn, Hitinder Gurm

Into the Wild: Transitioning from Recognizing Mood in Clinical Interactions to Personal Conversations for Individuals with Bipolar Disorder
Katie Matton, Melvin G. McInnis, Emily Mower Provost

Lead, Change, Transform Health with Health Infrastructures and Learning Systems
Learning Health Sciences

Next Generation Health at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
Donald Richardson, Bassel Salka

One Size Does Not Fit All: How Do We Design Surgical Training Programs to Recognize That Different Residents Achieve Competency at Different Rates?
Fumiya Abe-Nornes, Dean Golan, Hannah Strat, Simran Malik, Yin Yin, Amy Cohn, Brian George, Rishindra Reddy

A Robust Multi-Modal Approach to Diagnosing Acute Cardiopulmonary Conditions
Sarah Jabbour, David Fouhey, Michael W. Sjoding, Jenna Wiens

Using Technicians to Screen for Eye Disease Can Improve Access to Care for Veterans
Kate Burns, Michelle Chen, Malcom Hudson, Matthew Levenson, Adam VanDeusen, Carolyn Wu, Amy Cohn, April Maa

When Can Telehealth Enable Patients to Better Access Specialty Care?
Tarek Bsat, Michelle Chen, Simran Malik, Hannah Heberle-Rose, Pushpendra Singh, Adam VanDeusen, Nicholas Zacharek, Amy Cohn, Megan Adams, Jacob Kurlander, Samir Saini

GM Room (4th Floor)

Cleaned, Sterilized, Delivered: Ensuring All Instruments Needed for Surgery Arrive On Time and Ready for Use
Kate Burns, Daniel Cullen, Dean Golan, Luke Liu, Isaac Smith, Hannah Strat, Yin Yin, William Pozehl, Joseph DeRosier, James Bagian

Democratizing EHR Analyses: A Comprehensive, Generalizable Pipeline for Learning from Clinical Data
Shengpu Tang, Parmida Davarmanesh, Yanmeng Song, Danai Koutra, Michael W. Sjoding, Jenna Wiens

Dynamic Prediction of Patient Outcomes: A Deep Learning Approach
Erkin Ötleş, Haozhu Wang, Jon Seymour, Jenna Wiens, Brian Denton

Making Connections, Discovering Solutions for Healthier Lives
Precision Health

The More We Know About Our Patients the More We Can Reduce The Risk of Harm
Kate Burns, Daniel Cullen, Theodore Endresen, Victoria Glunt, Harini Pennathur, Kristine Wang, Julia Warner, Amy Cohn, Jessica Ameling, Jennifer Meddings

Reducing Discharge to Extended Care Facility Does Not Increase Readmission in Knee and Hip Arthroplasty Patients
Richard Hughes, Huiyong Zheng, Brian Richard Hallstrom

Striking a Balance When Scheduling Colonoscopy Patients
Victoria Glunt, Trevor Hoffman, Jakob Kiel-Locey, Jake Martin, Pushpendra Singh, Carolyn Wu, Karmel Shehadeh, Julia Warner, Amy Cohn, Jacob Kurlander, Sameer Saini

You Can’t Always Get What You Want…Especially If You Don’t Know What That Is. Lessons in Building Annual Residency Block Schedules
Tarek Bsat, Daniel Cao, Junhong Guo, Lea Harris, Nicholas Zacharek, Jake Martin, Theodore Endresen, William Pozehl, Amy Cohn, Heather Burrows, Sarah Hartley, Michael Lukela

#Safe_Care Initiative
Hanan Alawadhi