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Providing Better Healthcare through Systems Engineering: Seminars and Discussions

We will all require healthcare services at some point in our lifetime and we all live in an economy impacted by astronomically-rising healthcare costs. This series, which is associated with the IOE 813 course, consists of weekly seminars given by leading scholars in the important and emerging area of healthcare engineering and patient safety. You do not have to be enrolled in the course to attend the seminars. Seminars provide a high-level overview to introduce attendees to a wide range of ways in which systems engineering can greatly improve the delivery of health care-decreasing costs, reducing the risk of error, and developing new innovations.

The seminar series will:

  • Expose students, practitioners, and faculty to the richness of healthcare as an arena for applying engineering tools and having significant impact.
  • Help engineers learn to communicate with healthcare providers and better understand the cultural and operational environment of the healthcare system.
  • Identify potential future research opportunities and collaborations for students, practitioners, and faculty interested in continuing to learn more about healthcare engineering.

Past Seminars:

2023 Seminar Series

2022 Seminar Series

2021 Seminar Series

2020 Seminar Series

2019 Seminar Series 

2018 Seminar Series

2017 Seminar Series

2016 Seminar Series

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