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March 2022: Alumni Spotlight with Daniel Huang

February 2022: Improving Scheduling of Acute Care Surgeons

January 2022: A New Year at CHEPS

December 2021: Happy Holidays + A Look at Tauber & CHEPS Connections

November 2021: How Healthcare Engineering Helped Improve Prenatal Care

October 2021: CHEPS Pulse: On Campus & (Mostly) Off Zoom

September 2021: CHEPSter to CHEPSter the Computer Science Edition

August 2021: New Horizons for Founding Director James Bagian

June 2021: Tales of Summer, Scheduling, and Ph.D.s

April 2021: CHEPSter to CHEPSter with Spyros Potiris & Emmett Springer

March 2021: Welcoming CHEPS Managing Director Laura McAndrew

February 2021: CHEPSter to CHEPSter Med School Edition

January 2021: Ringing in the New Year at CHEPS

December 2020: Happy Holidays!

November 2020: Conferences in the Virtual World

October 2020: CHEPSter to CHEPSter, Karmel Shehadeh & Emily Lindblad

September 2020: Kicking-Off Another Fall at CHEPS

August 2020: CHEPSter to CHEPSter, Bill Zhang & Advaidh Venkat

July 2020: CHEPS and COVID-19

June 2020: CHEPSter to CHEPSter the Nursing Edition

May 2020: Our Virtual Summer

April 2020: The Power of Building Relationships

March 2020: Conference Connections

February 2020: Defining the Michigan Experience

January 2020: CHEPS 2020

December 2019: The Value of Community

October 2019: All About the Team

September 2019: Hello to Fall 2019

August 2019: Celebrating Doctors Richardson and Shehadeh

July 2019: Message from Associate Director Amy Cohn

June 2019: Quantifying Collaboration in the ICU

May 2019: Congratulations Graduates

April 2019: Catching Up With Alum Kathy Lu

March 2019: CHEPS Visits San Antonio for the HSPI Conference

February 2019: Message from Director Jim Bagian

January 2019: Looking Forward

December 2018: Catching Up With CHEPS Alumnus Daniel Madwed

November 2018: Finding Solutions Together

October 2018: Bringing the CHEPS Family Together

September 2018: There’s Nothing Like CHEPS in the Summer

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