2012 Seminar Series

IOE 691 General flyer 2012

September 17
Medical Team Training: Putting Concepts Into Action Jim Bagian, MD, PE

September 24
Operational Modeling of Emerging Viral Infectious Diseases Diana Prieto, PhD

October 1
Building a Digital Ecosystem for Vulnerable Populations Patricia A. Abbott, PhD, RN and Satinder Singh, PhD

October 8
Balancing Timely Access and Patient-Physician Continuity in Primary Care Hari Balasubramanian, PhD

October 22
Evolving Understanding of Lean in Healthcare; A Perspective from the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System Tom Kerr, MPH and Valerie Chase, MSE

October 29
Quality Improvement in Hip and Knee Arthroplasty: Development of a Patient Registry in Michigan Richard Hughes, PhD

November 5
Multinodal Interface Design: A Promising Means of Supporting Attention Management in Healthcare Nadine Sarter, PhD

November 12
Optimal Design of Prostate Cancer Screening Policies Brian Denton, PhD

November 26
The Impact of Declining Smoking on Radon Related Lung Cancer in the U.S. David Mendez, PhD

December 3
Evaluating and Resolving Conflicts Between Deterministic Call Schedules and Stochastic Arrival Rates when Training Heart and Lung Transplant Surgeons Jake Seagull, PhD; Mark Daskin, PhD; Rishi Reddy, MD; Andrea Obi, MD; Ryan Chen

December 10
Adaptive Health Communication to Improve Hypertension Medication Adherence Larry An, MD and Satinder Singh Baveja, PhD