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Below, you will see a listing of all posters presented at the 2017 Symposium. 

Masco Commons (3rd Floor)

The Center for Healthcare Engineering & Patient Safety

Master’s Concentration in Healthcare Engineering & Patient Safety

The Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation

Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research

Seth Bonder
CHEPS and The Seth Bonder Foundation

The Seth Bonder Foundation
CHEPS and The Seth Bonder Foundation

Johnson Rooms (3rd Floor)

A Dynamic Approach to Improve Chemotherapy Pre-mix Policies
Donald Richardson, Hwon Tak, Matthew See, Amy Cohn

A Stochastic Programming Approach to Determine Decision Boundaries for Medical Diagnosis
Gian-Gabriel P. Garcia, Mariel S. Lavieri, Ruiwei Jiang, Michael McCrea, Thomas W. McAllister, Steven P. Broglio, CARE Consortium Investigators

Annual Block Scheduling for Medical Residents
Amy Cohn, Erick Dagenais, Junhong Guo, Daniel Huang, William Pozehl

Aperture Control for VMAT Planning Systems
Wilmer E. Henao, Marina Epelman, Edwin Romeijn, Kelly Younge, Carlos Anderson, Martha Matuszak

Augmenting Cancer Surveillance with Machine Learning
Erkin Otles, John Wei, Brian Denton

Challenges with Data Collection in Methods to Reduce Clinic Wait Times
Rachel Moeckel, Paula Anne Newman-Casey, Amy Cohn

Data-Driven Tools for Patient Risk Stratification for ARDS
Student Authors: Daniel Zeiber, Tejas Prahlad, Faculty Mentors: Michael Sjoding, Jenna Wiens

Dermatology Residency Shift Scheduling Tool
William Pozehl, Justin Moss, Justin Rogers, Samantha Roth, Chloe Smither, Amy Cohn

M-Safety P1: Improving Awareness of Catheters to Reduce Hospital-Acquired Infection
Dale Mallette, Ian McKenzie, Matt See, Lauren Hirth, Roshun Sankaran, Jessica Ameling, Amy Cohn, Jennifer Meddings

Trust in Robotic Assistance
X. Jessie Yang

Using Lean Tools to Identify Opportunities for Improvement in the Michigan Medicine Children’s Emergency Services
Prashant Mahajan, Nicole Sroufe, Kelly Baird-Cox, Gagan Gupta, Anavir Shermon, Emily Smith, Hailey Willett

GM Room (4th Floor)

Analyzing the Variability in Colonoscopy Appointments Using a VBA-Based Tool to Help in Improving the Schedule
Bassel Salka, Daniel Huang, Trevor Hoffman, Stephanie See, Amy Cohn, Jacob Kurlander, Sameer Saini, Karmel Shehadeh

CogPod: Patient Safety Enhancement and Cognitive Labor
Robert Adams, John Hyun Hang Cho, Yixue Wang, Javiera Oyarzun Balut, Swati Goel , Carlos Pompeo, Suzanne Winter, Amy Cohn, Sanjay Saint, Vineet Chopra

Drug Shortages: A Supply Chain Analysis with Implications for Policy
Emily L. Tucker, Mark S. Daskin, Burgunda V. Sweet, Wallace J. Hopp

Evaluating Lean as an Implementation Approach in ED-SAFE 2
Sharon A. Johnson, Lori Pelletier, Celine Larkin, Edwin D. Boudreaux

Focused Ethnography to Improve Diagnosis in Teaching Hospitals: Introducing the Michigan Model of Diagnosis
Vineet Chopra, Molly Harrod, Suzanne Winter, Jane Forman, Martha Quinn, Sarah Krein, Karen E. Fowler, Hardeep Singh, Sanjay Saint

Improving the Patient Experience: Classifying Patient Wait Times
Trevor Hoffman, Hanan Al-Awadhi, Rachel Moeckel, Erick Dagenais, Paula Anne Newman-Casey, Leslie Niziol, John Musser, Abhilash Rao, Henry Ellis, Nish Patel, Grace Trinidad, Amy Cohn

Introduction of a Standardized Decontamination Process in Central Sterile Processing Departments
Roshun Sankaran, Hassan Abbas, William Pozehl, Lauren Hirth, Dale Mallette, Ian McKenzie, Wesley Chen, Joseph DeRosier, James Bagian

Medicare’s Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS): Will Cost Measures be Reliable?
Paige E VonAchen, Rodney A. Hayward, Edward Norton, Brian Denton, Chad Ellimoottil

Optimizing Resident Call Assignments
Kevin Li, Bassel Salka, Steven Macpherson, Dale Mallette, Anna Learis, William Pozehl, Amy Cohn, Luke O. Pesonen

Predictive Analytics for Prostate Cancer Treatment Decision Making
Bo Qu, Karandeep Singh, Selin Merdan, Zheng Zhang, Greg Auffenberg, Todd Morgan, Samuel Kaffenberger, Brian T. Denton

Reinventing Urban Transportation and Mobility
Joshua Lustig, Kevin Li, Tawanna Dillahunt, Patrick Carter, Justin Rogers, James McAuliffe, Jingxue Xu, John Cima, William Pozehl, Amy Cohn