• POMS 2016

    In addition to their research, CHEPS brought a lot of plaid to the POMS 2016 Conference.

  • Lunch with Merrill Bonder

    CHEPS students, faculty, and staff enjoyed a visit and lunch with longtime friend and supporter,
    Merrill Bonder, head of the Seth Bonder Foundation.

  • CHEPS Director & Associate Director

    CHEPS Director Jim Bagian and Associate Director Amy Cohn at the Third Annual Symposium
    on Healthcare Engineering & Patient Safety on September 28th, 2015.

  • 2016 Symposium on Healthcare Engineering & Patient Safety

    The 2016 Symposium on Healthcare Engineering & Patient Safety brought together CHEPSters
    past and present along with collaborators and colleagues from across the University and beyond.

Recent News From CHEPS


The latest issue of CHEPS Pulse takes a look at how CHEPSters are influencing the next generation, shares the details of our CHEPS Healthcare Executive Summit: Engineering the Future of Healthcare, highlights our collaboration with the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation (IHPI), and takes a look at some of the things that make CHEPS in the summer such a special place to be through the eyes of our students.

Read the latest issue of CHEPS Pulse.

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