Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision

We envision a healthcare system which delivers the highest-quality care in a patient-centric way; supports the mental and physical well-being of its providers; and ensures economic viability for individuals and institutions.

Our Mission

In order to be fully realized, our vision requires maximal use of systems-based engineering techniques in healthcare. We work to break down barriers of language, culture, and siloing between engineering and healthcare by teaching engineers how to work effectively in healthcare and healthcare providers to have engineering literacy. In doing so we can utilize established engineering techniques to address operational problems in healthcare delivery; we also facilitate the development of new tools and techniques to address healthcare-specific problems and conduct new research when needed. We aim to broadly disseminate the tools, techniques, and training models that we have developed in order to achieve our vision.

Our Values

We foster a community based on diversity as well as respect for the value that our differences bring to our work.

We recognize individuality in our students, faculty, collaborators, and the patients and providers we serve. We leverage many talents and viewpoints in order to meet the unique needs of individuals and of the healthcare system as a whole.

We focus on ensuring the highest possible impact on the healthcare system, the patients and providers that we serve, and the students that we train.

We solve real problems for real people through a systems-based, data-driven, multi-disciplinary approach.

We emphasize the importance of joy in our work, our collaborations, and our interactions with those we serve.