Our Mission


The mission of CHEPS is to improve the safety and quality of healthcare delivery through a multi-disciplinary, systems engineering-based approach.

We do so by:

COLLABORATION: The University of Michigan has nationally-recognized strengths in engineering, medicine, nursing, public health, business, and more. We work to identify, foster, and promote collaborative projects across these units.

IMPLEMENTATION: The research of the Center is grounded in real problems that affect real patients. We conduct hands-on projects both inside and outside of the University, locally, nationally, and globally. Because of this geographic diversity, research at the Center has an immediate and measurable impact.

INNOVATION: Hands-on projects form the foundation for longer-term, cutting-edge research projects that advance the state-of-the-art in both medicine and engineering.

EDUCATION: A key part of the Center’s mission is to train future generations, helping engineering students to understand the challenges and opportunities found in healthcare delivery as well as educating healthcare providers about the benefits that engineering tools can yield on real-world problems.

DISSEMINATION: The Center will serve as a source of information for the broader community about new advances in healthcare engineering and patient safety through its web site, white paper series, seminar series, symposia, and outreach activities.