As industrial engineers, we strive to make processes simpler and more efficient. One of the jobs of the chief resident at a hospital is to create a monthly schedule that assigns when medical residents are to work each day. Building these schedules can take chief residents anywhere from hours to days. The residency shift scheduling game demonstrates the use of operations modeling and linear programming to efficiently create a schedule for medical residents. On a high level, this game demonstrates both how complicated scheduling problems can be and how effective industrial engineering tools can be for solving them. Upon clicking on the link below, an Excel file containing the instructions as well as the game itself will be downloaded onto your computer.

Residency Shift Scheduling Game – Click here to download.

The residency shift scheduling game requires the user to download and add an Excel VBA add-in that extends Excel’s built-in Solver with more powerful solvers called OpenSolver. Below are instructions to how to download OpenSolver on your PC.

OpenSolver Plug-in – Click here to download.

Video Tutorial of the Shift Scheduling Game