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Below, you will see a listing of all posters presented at the 2016 Symposium. 

Masco Commons (3rd Floor)

The Center for Healthcare Engineering & Patient Safety

Master’s Concentration in Healthcare Engineering & Patient Safety

The Health Infrastructures and Learning Systems Program at DLHS
Allen Flynn, Oliver J. Gadabu, Kyle Kerbawy, Nik Koscielniak, Michael G. Roth, Anne Sales, Gracie Trinidad, Jeffrey Vlasic

Hillman Scholars Program in Nursing Innovation: Student Perspectives on Accelerated BSN-PhD Education
Megan Czerwinski, John Shaver, Emily Boltey, Kristen Choi

The Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation

Seth Bonder
CHEPS and The Seth Bonder Foundation

The Seth Bonder Foundation
CHEPS and The Seth Bonder Foundation

Johnson Rooms (3rd Floor)

A New Framework for Tomotherapy Treatment Planning and Delivery
Wilmer Henao

Ebola in Texas: Using RCA2 to Address System Vulnerabilities
Patricia Abbott

Evaluating and Improving Specialty Access to Endocrinology Care
Pranjal Singh, Amy Cohn, Amy Rothberg, Henry Ballout, Wesley Chen, Joseph Sorenson, William Yang

Evaluating Oncology Nurses’ Safety Following Antineoplastic Drug Spills: Case Report Analysis from a Multi-site Study
Alex J. Fauer, Kari Mendelsohn-Victor, Marjorie C. McCullagh, Christopher R. Friese

Improving Shift Handovers Between Medical Residents: The Effects of Information Access Cost, Overconfidence and Media Affordances
Xi Jessie Yang, Christopher D. Wickens, Taezoon Park, Kewin T. H. Siah

Multicriteria Optimization For Brachytherapy Treatment Planning
Victor Wu, Marina Epelman, Mustafa Sir, Kalyan Pasupathy, Michael Herman, Christopher Deufel

Patient and Caregiver Engagement in a Health Information Technology Tool in the Context of Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation
Alex Fauer, Anna Munaco, Roshun Sankaran, Maite Van Hentenryck, Rahael Gupta, Evan Bischoff, Amy Cohn, Lyndsey Runaas, Sung Won Choi

Scheduling Medical Residents With Conflicting Personal Requests
Brian Lemay, Amy Cohn, Marina Epelman, Steve Gorga

Transdisciplinary Learning & Analysis to Re-Imagine an Endoscopy Suite Experience
Valerie Miller, Brittany Lopez

Using Analytics to Drive Performance at UCH
Nicolas D. Tempels, Pamela Martinez Villarreal, Sara K Stowell, Derek B Birznieks

Using Integer Programming to Build Block Schedules for Medical Residents
William Pozehl, Amy Cohn

GM Room (4th Floor)

A Systematic Analysis of Procedures, Cleanability & Manufacturer Cleaning Instructions of Surgical Instrument Reprocessing
Bill Zhang, Megan Yanik, Maite Van Hentenryck, Wesley Chen, Roshun Sankaran, Hassan Abbas, William Pozehl, Joe DeRosier, Jim Bagian

Can Frequency of Prostate Biopsy on Active Surveillance be Reduced Without Significantly Increasing Risk?
Christine L. Barnett, Gregory B. Auffenberg, Zian Cheng, Fan Yang, Jiachen Wang, David C. Miller, James E. Montie, Mufaddal Mamawala, Brian T. Denton

Identifying Pareto-Dominant Solutions for Multi-Criteria Problems in Resident Scheduling
Young-Chae Hong, Amy Cohn, Marina Epelman

Improving Make-Ahead Chemotherapy Drug Policies in the Outpatient Infusion Center Pharmacy
Donald Richardson, Ajaay Chandrasekaran, Elizabeth Olin, Pranjal Singh, Amy Cohn, Carolina Typaldos, Anna Kempke

Optimal Return-to-Play from Concussion
Gian-Gabriel P. Garcia, Mariel S. Lavieri, Steven P. Broglio

Patient-Centered Goals and Expectations Following Kidney Transplantation: Comparison of Patients to Providers
Emily L. Tucker, Kayse Lee Maass, Mark S. Daskin, Abigail R. Smith, Hannah Schapiro, Sabrina M. Cottrell, Evelyn Gendron, Minghao Li, Peg Hill-Callahan, Stephen J. Gill, Robert M. Merion, Alan B. Leichtman

Projections of Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis Related Liver Transplantation Waitlist Additions
Wesley J. Marrero, Neehar D Parikh, Jingyuan Wang, Justin Steuer, David W. Hutton, Eunshin Byon, Mariel S. Lavieri

Simulation of Patient Scheduling for Colonoscopy
Karmel Shehadeh, Jacob Kurlander, Sameer Saini, Amy Cohn, Luis Garcia-Guzman, Henry Ballout, Jackson Bennett, Ajaay Chandrasekaran, Abhilash Rao, Meng Sang, Pranjal Singh, William Yang, Bill Zhang

Using OpenSolver for Scheduling Medical Trainees
Roshun Sankaran, Anna Munaco, William Pozehl, Amy Cohn