Improving Surgical Instrument Reprocessing at University of Michigan Hospital Summer 2015

surgical instruments team

Participants: Amy Cohn, James P. Bagian, Joseph DeRosier, Rama Mwenesi, Moses Chan, Amber Smith, Leah Raschid, Nina ScheinbergShawn Murphy, Frank Krupansky, Julia Jackson, Renee Prince, Jania Torreblanca, Amy Redmond, Elvie Casper

Project Contact: Amy Cohn, [email protected]

Project Synopsis: The availability and readiness of surgical instruments is crucial for delivering quality surgical care. Instruments that are insufficiently cleaned or maintained can severely impact patient safety and surgical outcomes. Jointly collaborating with the UMHS team, this project aims to investigate and optimize the processes of cleaning surgical instruments and reassembling them for future use. The primary goal of this project is to ensure the efficient delivery of all required instruments such that they are: 1) available at the time of surgery, 2) cleaned and sterilized, and 3) fully functional.

Papers, Posters, & Presentations



  • Improving Surgical Instrument Reprocessing at the University of Michigan Health System,  Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Sessions, June 2015
  • Improving Surgical Instrument Reprocessing at the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS), ISERC Conference, May 2015
  • Improving the Delivery of Surgical Instruments at the UM Health System, Pennsylvania State University Workshop, March 2015
  • Using Optimization-Based Techniques to Reduce the Supply of Surgical Instruments, INFORMS Annual Meeting, November 2014

Acknowledgements: We gratefully acknowledge the support of The Bonder Foundation, the University of Michigan Hospital Operating Rooms Staff & Leadership, Central Sterile Processing Department, and the U of M College of Engineering. We also thank all prior UMHS staff and CHEPS students who have contributed to this project.