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On Campus & (Mostly) Off Zoom

“I like having meetings in person, being able to scribble on the whiteboard and work through things with people in person is a lot more efficient than trying to do it over Zoom,” said Industrial and Operations Engineering Ph.D. Student Leena Ghrayeb about the return to in-person operations at CHEPS. “And even using the screen, being able to show code and stuff and being able to work with people. I think it’s a lot of fun.”

The CHEPS team is enjoying a gradual return to in-person operations this fall after several semesters of virtual meetings. Some students who have worked with CHEPS for over a year finally got to see the CHEPS space in September for the first time! Those who had been to CHEPS before the pandemic found a newly renovated space waiting for them when they returned with new paint colors in our workroom and other areas as well as some shiny new whiteboards ready to be scribbled on.  

A meeting of the VA Morphomics Project

In early September, many students attended our kick-off meeting in person and others tuned in via Zoom. Faculty Director Amy Cohn went over CHEPS work expectations and then everyone enjoyed some popsicles on the patio. That Friday we continued the ice-cream trend with a meetup between students, alumni, faculty, and staff on Central Campus with Blank Slate ice cream. It was a wonderful chance to meet new CHEPSters, catch up with old friends, and finally figure out what everyone looked like in person after only seeing each other on Zoom for over a year.

September meetup on Central Campus

CHEPS Faculty Director Amy Cohn found that returning to the office was a little different than she expected. “Having been gone for eighteen months of living in my pajamas with my comfortable couch, I really thought I wasn’t going to want to come back. And I’ve discovered that it’s nice. It’s nice to see students in person. It’s easier. Even though we’ve managed to do our work through Zoom, being at the whiteboard and being able to brainstorm is just so much more effective,” she said.  
Students are seeing the benefits of in-person work as well as the CHEPS space becomes more lively with team meetings, Lunch and Learns, and students just stopping by to work for a bit in between classes. If they’re lucky, when they get to the workroom, they might find some Girl Scout cookies, or some brownies freshly baked by Peter Cohn – a vital part of the recipe for a productive semester of collaboration and teamwork!

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