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Congratulations CHEPS Graduates!
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Congratulations CHEPS Graduates!

We’re incredibly proud of our graduating students. This issue is dedicated to them so we’ll let them tell you where they’re headed next and what they enjoyed most about their time at CHEPS!

Michelle Chen
B.S.E. Industrial and Operations Engineering and Data Science

I will be attending Northwestern University Industrial Engineering and Management Science PhD program in the fall.

My favorite CHEPS memory is spending time with fellow CHEPS students at various events such as Charlie’s social nights and Big House 5k.

Jhawan Davis
B.S.E. Industrial and Operations Engineering

After graduation, I’ll be working for Danaher Corporation at Beckman Coulter Diagnostics in Chaska, MN as a Supply Chain Engineer.

I am most grateful for CHEPS for showing me the endless opportunities to improve the hospital experience for all stakeholders, in and beyond Michigan. My favorite memory is being a part of the historic and traditional Cohn Holiday Open House.

Theodore Endresen
B.S.E. Industrial and Operations Engineering

After graduation, I will be getting my Master’s in Management Science and Engineering from Tsinghua University’s Department of Industrial Engineering.

My favorite thing about CHEPS has been working with Amy. She routinely goes above and beyond to make sure every CHEPS student gets the very most out of their time here. Working at CHEPS has by far been the best decision I’ve made while at Michigan.

Jordan Goodman
B.S.E. Industrial and Operations Engineering

I’ll be interning at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab in the National Health sector for the summer, and then I’ll be coming back to Michigan for a Masters in Industrial and Operations Engineering and hopefully a concentration in Healthcare Engineering and Patient Safety.

My favorite CHEPS memory was going to San Antonio for the HSPI Conference. It was an amazing opportunity to attend, and I’m thankful to CHEPS for allowing me to go!

Lauren Hirth
B.S.E. Biomedical Engineering

I’ve accepted a research fellowship position at NIH in Bethesda, MD. I am very excited to begin work, and I will be working in the Functional Applied Biomechanics laboratory. After that, I will be starting medical school.

My favorite CHEPS memory was going to the SHS conference in 2018 with other CHEPSters. It was really exciting to present for the Surgical Instrument team and I enjoyed hearing the other students speak at the conference. The experience also allowed me to get much closer to other CHEPS students that I did not share a common project with. Plus Atlanta was very fun to explore!

Daniel Huang
M.S.E. Industrial and Operations Engineering

I’ll be working as a Healthcare Consulting Analyst for Huron Consulting.

My favorite thing about CHEPS was getting to work and hang out with a bunch of incredible people while also learning about how I can make an impact on healthcare.

Michael Kalmus
B.S.E. Industrial and Operations Engineering

I’ll be completing my M.S.E. in Industrial and Operations Engineering!

I loved working with smart, driven people and solving problems and improving processes that have real impact on patient safety.

Emily Krebs
B.S.E. Biomedical Engineering

This summer I am working as a Graduate Manufacturing Engineering Intern at Stryker Neurovascular in Salt Lake City, UT. I will be returning to U of M to earn my M.S.E. in biomedical engineering through the SUGS program with a concentration in biotechnology and systems biology.

One of the most important things I learned at CHEPS is the importance of interacting with healthcare providers and professionals who are utilizing medical devices and interacting with systems on a daily basis. Sometimes, the problem that we perceive as engineers is completely different than the problem identified by those in the field so it is extremely valuable to have direct contact and communication when solving issues.

Anna Learis
B.S.E. Industrial and Operations Engineering

I’ll be moving to Washington, D.C. to work at Capital One as a Product Management and Analytics Associate.

I was very fortunate to start at CHEPS during the summer after my freshman year, and from the start, CHEPS has provided me with an incredible community of smart, caring, and passionate individuals who have become my second family. The great work atmosphere of CHEPS strongly guided my job search, since as much as I love the work I get to do here, what really makes it special is the people.

Andrea McAuliffe
M.S. Health Service Administration & M.S.E. Industrial and Operations Engineering, HEPS concentration

I’ll be part of the Leadership Development Program at Health Care Service Corporation in Chicago, IL.

After three years of graduate school, CHEPS has become a sort of home away from home on North Campus. Many students have come and gone, and I don’t always recognize all the new faces, but the welcoming culture and eagerness to collaborate are always present. I am so grateful for the students I’ve met and experiences I’ve had thanks to CHEPS, and I am excited to see all the amazing work the Center does in the future!

Riley McKeown
B.S.E. Industrial and Operations Engineering

I will be working at Express Scripts in St. Louis as a Pharmacy Operations Intern for the summer of 2019 before beginning my Master’s in IOE at U of M in September 2019.

My favorite memory from CHEPS? It’s hard to name one specific memory but I’ll never forget all of the friendships I developed with fellow CHEPS students. After a very short time, I had a very close-knit, caring group of friends who were always there to help with whatever issues I had whether they were related to research, classes, or life in general! One of the funniest memories was last summer when we went blueberry picking; I ate a blueberry, making Amy become worried for my wellbeing as she knew I was allergic to fruit — but all ended up being okay, sorry for the scare!

At CHEPS I learned how important it is to be there for your peers and support each other. Although we come from many very different backgrounds, when a group of us is put together to solve a problem, we will!

Cameron Misko
B.S.E. Industrial and Operations Engineering

After graduation, I will be working at Grainger as a Supply Chain Analyst.

At CHEPS, I really enjoyed learning how to work through really challenging problems with my peers. This helped me build great friendships inside and outside of work.

Caroline Owens
B.S.E. Industrial and Operations Engineering

I will be working at Epic and moving to Madison, WI.

My favorite memory was spending time in the workroom. Whether I was doing work for CHEPS or getting homework done, there were always people around to ask for help or just chat with!

Camille Phaneuf
B.S. Neuroscience and B.S. Computational Cognitive Science

I will be a lab manager at the Hartley Lab at NYU, where I will be studying Cognitive Neuroscience until I apply for PhD programs in the same field!

My favorite CHEPS memory was the holiday party! I had yet to formally meet anyone (aside from Amy, Billy, and Gene) since I was just starting, but everyone was incredibly welcoming and inviting! The experience made me so excited to join such a wonderful community.

Justin Rogers
B.S.E. Industrial and Operations Engineering

I’ll be a Business Analyst at Amazon in Seattle.

My favorite CHEPS memory is when Dima told us that she had never seen the hype video played at the beginning of every Michigan Football game and everyone dropped what they were doing for 5 minutes to show her the video.

Bassel Salka
B.S.E. Industrial and Operations Engineering

I plan on working as a Next Generation Healthcare Delivery Engineer at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab.

My favorite memory is seeing all my fellow CHEPSters attend one of my student organization’s events last year.

Bassel delivered commencement addresses at both the College of Engineering and University graduation ceremonies. You can view both here.

Sheridan Tobin
B.S. Public Health Sciences

After graduation, I’m taking a gap year (or two) and working at Seneca Center in San Jose, CA. I’ll be a Support Counselor with their Wraparound program, working with children with backgrounds of trauma. After taking some time off to get hands-on, direct service experience, I plan to go back to school to get a Master’s in Genetic Counseling.

I’ve grown so much through working at CHEPS because this experience has made me think about my own academic interests from so many new and different perspectives. Some of my favorite CHEPS memories were our CHEPS socials on Thursday afternoons last summer, especially blueberry picking and beach volleyball!

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