CHEPS Student & Alumni Videos

Congratulations 2020 Grads!

Summer 2019 at CHEPS

CHEPS students Simran Malik and Harini Pennathur put together this video giving a glimpse into what summer 2019 was like for students at CHEPS! Song “Ramona” by Guster is used with the band’s permission.

Rackham Graduate School: You Are Your Own Story

Donald Richardson and several CHEPS students he works with are featured in this video from Rackham Graduate School.

CHEPS: Fostering Communication & Providing Tools for Better Care

CHEPS Profile: Hassan Abbas

Hassan Abbas

Sarah Bach

Jason Card, HEPS Master’s Alum

Jeremy Castaing

Ryan Chen

Aaron Claussen

Aaron Cohen and Roshun Sankaran

Mark Grum

Joanna Fleming

Daniel Hazlett

Lauren Hirth

Young-Chae Hong

Nathan Janes

Jared Kott

Brian Lemay

Dale Mallette

Ian McKenzie

Paige Mollison

Vanessa Morales

Vanessa Morales, HEPS Master’s Alum

Anna Munaco

Elizabeth Olin

Elizabeth Perelstein

Billy Pozehl

Matt Rouhana

Bassel Salka

Roshun Sankaran

Hanna Schapiro

Stephanie See

Yuhui Shi

Brooke Szymanski

George Tam

Zachary VerSchure

Ji Wang

Rachel Wold

Yicong Zhang