CHEPS: Where Engineering and Healthcare Overlap

Josh Tran, a pre-med student at U-M, shares his experiences as a transfer student, healthcare worker, and CHEPS researcher.

Blue-tinted photo of Josh Tran smiling at a laptop beside another CHEPS student.

When I transferred to the University of Michigan less than a year ago, it felt as if I had jumped headfirst into the middle of a new book. I arrived at U-M halfway through my sophomore year, and my peers had already found their friend groups through the dorms and their student organizations. Meanwhile, I felt like a freshman again stumbling through the unfamiliar campus. While I was trying to adapt socially, I also had to adapt academically: being a pre-med student, I had to balance finding new friends while also taking some of the hardest classes (so far!) Continue Reading »

More Than Patient Care: Engineering’s Role in Medicine

Arman Getzen, a pre-med student at U-M, shares his experience learning about the complex processes required in order to optimize healthcare operations.

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Growing up, I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in medicine. When I was little, my dad would bring me to the hospital where he practiced, and I remember wandering around the unit floor and being fascinated by all the specialized equipment and nurses walking around in their scrubs. I was interested in the providers’ many responsibilities and how the medical devices they used to treat patients worked. I decided early on that my goal was to become a physician, so I started college on a pre-medical track with a major in Biomedical Engineering Continue Reading »