Scheduling Pediatric Medical Residents Summer 2015


Participants: Amy Cohn, PhD; Ed O’Brien, MD; Hilary Haftel MD; Young-Chae Hong; Billy Pozehl; Zac VerSchure; Ji Wang; Peter Mayoros

Project Contact: Amy Cohn, [email protected]

Project Synopsis: When scheduling medical residents, both patient care needs and educational training needs must be met. The resulting large number of rules and preferences make it difficult to manually construct even a feasible schedule, let alone a schedule of high quality. Through collaboration between CHEPS and the pediatric residency program, we develop and implement optimization-based decision support tools to assist in the construction of the annual block schedule and the monthly emergency department shift schedules. The result is not only a dramatic reduction in the time required by the Chief Resident to construct these schedules, but a significant improvement in quality as well, including greater equity across residents and fewer cancelled continuity clinics.

Papers, Presentations, & Posters:




Acknowledgements: We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of The Bonder Foundation, The Doctors Company Foundation,the University of Michigan Department of Pediatrics, and the U of M College of Engineering SURE Program. We also thank all prior Chiefs and CHEPS students who have contributed to this project.