Where in the World is CHEPS?


Where are CHEPSters Fumiya Abe-Nornes, Nathan Smith, and Rachel Zhang?

Fumiya Abe-Nornes, Nathan Smith, and Rachel Zhang at the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore to present our research on surgical training programs with Drs. Rishindra Reddy and Brian George at the 2022 Winter Simulation Conference.

Where is CHEPS Student Daniel?

Daniel Rodriguez Del Bosque is pictured visiting the San Lorenzo Canyon in Saltillo, Mexico.

Where is CHEPS Student Aparna?

Aparna Reddy is pictured visiting her family’s banana plantation in India during the 2021/22 winter break.

Where is CHEPS Alum Shraddha?

Shraddha Ramesh is pictured visiting the Atlanta BeltLine. Shraddha started a new position in November 2021 as a Supply Chain Operations Consultant at Chainalytics in Atlanta, GA, and said, “I am doing well and started working on my first project, learning a lot of new things and it has been going well.”

Where is CHEPS Staffer Gene?

Tuesday, Nov 2, 2021, Gene and his Dad are pictured in Sangdong-myeon, a small town near Busan at Gene’s Aunt’s home.  They’d been enjoying all day eating and beautiful 70 degree weather.  This picture was taken on their 10th and last day of quarantine after arriving in Korea. 

Where is CHEPS Collaborator Dr. Feranmi Okanlami

Dr. Okanlami, a.k.a. Dr. O, shared these photos from the airport on his recent trip to Amsterdam.

Where is CHEPS Alum Erick? 

Erick Dagenais is pictured hiking in North Bend, WA, about 45 minutes outside of downtown Seattle. Read more about Erick in this alum update.

Where are CHEPS Alums Lauren and Bassel? 

Despite being in a class of 170 people in med school at U of M, CHEPS alums Bassel Salka and Lauren Hirth ended up as anatomy lab partners this year! That skeleton is just jealous it’s not a CHEPS alum too.

Where is CHEPS Alum Abhilash Rao?

Abhi is pictured at the Taj Mahal on a recent trip to India.

Where is CHEPS Director Jim Bagian?

On October 26, 2019 at the Michigan Stadium, the Michigan Marching Band performed a halftime show titled “We Choose to Go” in honor of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). CHEPS Director Jim Bagian, a former NASA astronaut, joined the band on the field during their performance along with many other special guests.

Where is CHEPS Alum Lauren Hirth?

Alum Lauren Hirth is pictured in the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center Functional and Applied Biomechanics Lab where she now works.

Where is CHEPS Alum Theodore Endresen? 

Theodore is pictured on the Great Wall of China. He’s in China pursuing a graduate degree in Management Science and Engineering at Tsinghua University. 

Where is CHEPS Alum Karmel Shehadeh? 

Karmel, who finished her Ph.D. at U of M in summer 2019, is pictured in front of Diplodocus Carbnwgii at Carnegie Mellon University where she starts as a post-doctoral fellow in fall of 2019. 

Where is CHEPSter Fumiya Abe-Nornes?

Fumiya is pictured in Tokyo.

Fumiya is pictured in front of the Gangnam Style Statue in Seoul. 

Where is alum Bill Zhang? 

Bill is pictured hiking (and dabbing) in Oregon with Mt. Hood in the background! 

Where are alums Nina Scheinberg and Mark Grum? 

Nina and Mark are pictured on top of Diamond Head State Monument in Waikiki, Oahu.

Where is Adam VanDeusen? 

Adam is pictured after climbing 4,444 stairs in Flørli, Norway, so he could finally get cold enough weather to wear his CHEPS fleece. The view may have been part of the draw as well. 

Where is CHEPSter Ryan Lentine? 

Ryan, a U of M IOE alum working with us here at CHEPS, is pictured on the beach in Barceloneta which is just outside the old city in Barcelona! He traveled there for a week with his parents at the end of May. He said there was “Lots of food, lots of walking, so much fun.”

Where are these CHEPS alums?

We are always so grateful when our ⁦alums are back in town and make time to visit! Pictured are Tommy, Peter, and Amy Cohn with George Tam, Mark Grum, and Nina Scheinberg. George is a Senior Analyst – Transatlantic Revenue Management at Delta Air Lines in Atlanta, GA; Mark is a Senior Analytics Consultant at GE Healthcare in Chicago, IL; and Nina is a 6th Grade Math Teacher at Greenhills School in Ann Arbor.

Where is Dr. Jack Billi?

Dr. Billi is pictured in the CHEPS conference room after delivering a fantastic Lunch & Learn presentation for CHEPS students.

Where is CHEPS student Donald Richardson? 

Donald came back to the US through Paris after presenting at the INFORMS Winter Simulation Conference which took place in Gothenburg, Sweden. He had enough time during his layover to go see the Eiffel Tower.

Where is CHEPS alum Chloe Smither?

Chloe is pictured at the top of Arthur’s Seat, which is the highest peak in Edinburgh and has a great view of the city. Chloe is working on an MSc in Operational Research at the University of Edinburgh. 

Where is CHEPS alum Eli Sherman?

Eli is pictured kayaking in Lake Union with the Seattle skyline behind him. 

Where is CHEPS student Dima Chaar?

Dima is pictured during her internship in July and August of 2018 at the American University of Beirut in Beirut, Lebanon. She had the opportunity through the office of Global Public Health to study the dementia epidemic and its effects on caregivers in Lebanon.

Where is CHEPS student Theodore Endresen?

Theodore is pictured at the Parthenon in Athens. 

Where is CHEPS student Karmel Shehadeh?

Karmel is pictured at the top of one of the Al-Salt mountains in west-central Jordan. 

Where is CHEPS Associate Director Amy Cohn?

Amy Cohn is pictured, holding up her CHEPS fleece, at the top of Elephant Mountain in Taipei. She was in Taipei to attend the INFORMS International Conference. 

Where is CHEPS alum Bill Zhang?

CHEPS alum Bill Zhang is shown on a hiking trip in Rocky Mountain National Park wearing his CHEPS fleece!

Where is HEPS Master’s student Hwon Tak?

HEPS Master’s student Hwon Tak is pictured sporting his CHEPS fleece at his sister’s wedding ceremony in Korea.

Where is CHEPS student Anna Learis?

CHEPS student and IOE undergraduate Anna is pictured atop a volcano overlooking Quito, Ecuador.

Where is CHEPS student Anna Munaco?


Anna is pictured in St. John at Trunk Bay Beach.

Where is HEPS Postdoctoral Research Fellow Brandon Pitts? 

Pitts - Spain 2016

Brandon is pictured at the Royal Palace of Madrid on a recent trip to Spain. 

Where are CHEPS student Hassan Abbas and Associate Director Amy Cohn? 

Amy and nursing student Hass at Loveland Pass

Amy and Hass visited the Continental Divide on a trip to Colorado to meet with their collaborators at The University of Colorado Hospital. 

Where is HEPS Master’s student Bill Zhang? 


Bill is pictured at the top of the Angel’s Landing trail in Zion National Park in Utah!

Where is CHEPS affiliate Emily Tucker?


Emily is pictured with the telescopes atop Mauna Kea where she traveled after attending ORMS 2016 in Hawaii!

Where is HEPS Master’s alum Brittany Lopez?


CHEPS alum Brittany Lopez showing her CHEPS pride at Hobbiton, the set of The Shire in Lord of the Rings, in New Zealand. She’s pictured wearing her CHEPS fleece in front of Samuel’s house called a “hobbit hole.”

Where are HEPS Master’s alum Mark Grum, current CHEPSter William Yang, and HEPS Master’s alum Matt Rouhana?

south africa

The group is pictured on a trip to South Africa! 

Where are CHEPS alums Nate Janes and George Tam?


Nate and George are pictured in Amsterdam! 

Where is CHEPS alum Luke Stumpos?


Luke Stumpos is pictured wearing his CHEPS fleece while heli-skiing in the Monashee Mountains in BC, Canada.

Where is HEPS Master’s alum Joe East?


CHEPS alum Joe East is pictured in Patagonia in front of Grey Glacier, the third largest glacier in the world after the North and South Polls.

Where is HEPS Master’s alum Sarah Bach?

sarah bach withw

CHEPS alum Sarah Bach is pictured at The Mayo Clinic where she works as an Associate Health Systems Engineer.