Where in the World is CHEPS?



Where is HEPS Master’s student Hwon Tak?

HEPS Master’s student Hwon Tak is pictured sporting his CHEPS fleece at his sister’s wedding ceremony in Korea.

Where is CHEPS student Anna Learis?

CHEPS student and IOE undergraduate Anna is pictured atop a volcano overlooking Quito, Ecuador.

Where is CHEPS student Anna Munaco?


Anna is pictured in St. John at Trunk Bay Beach.

Where is HEPS Postdoctoral Research Fellow Brandon Pitts? 

Pitts - Spain 2016

Brandon is pictured at the Royal Palace of Madrid on a recent trip to Spain. 

Where are CHEPS student Hassan Abbas and Associate Director Amy Cohn? 

Amy and nursing student Hass at Loveland Pass

Amy and Hass visited the Continental Divide on a trip to Colorado to meet with their collaborators at The University of Colorado Hospital. 

Where is HEPS Master’s student Bill Zhang? 


Bill is pictured at the top of the Angel’s Landing trail in Zion National Park in Utah!

Where is CHEPS affiliate Emily Tucker?


Emily is pictured with the telescopes atop Mauna Kea where she traveled after attending ORMS 2016 in Hawaii!

Where is HEPS Master’s alum Brittany Lopez?


CHEPS alum Brittany Lopez showing her CHEPS pride at Hobbiton, the set of The Shire in Lord of the Rings, in New Zealand. She’s pictured wearing her CHEPS fleece in front of Samuel’s house called a “hobbit hole.”

Where are HEPS Master’s alum Mark Grum, current CHEPSter William Yang, and HEPS Master’s alum Matt Rouhana?

south africa

The group is pictured on a trip to South Africa! 

Where are CHEPS alums Nate Janes and George Tam?


Nate and George are pictured in Amsterdam! 

Where is CHEPS alum Luke Stumpos?


Luke Stumpos is pictured wearing his CHEPS fleece while heli-skiing in the Monashee Mountains in BC, Canada.

Where is HEPS Master’s alum Joe East?


CHEPS alum Joe East is pictured in Patagonia in front of Grey Glacier, the third largest glacier in the world after the North and South Polls.

Where is HEPS Master’s alum Sarah Bach?

sarah bach withw

CHEPS alum Sarah Bach is pictured at The Mayo Clinic where she works as an Associate Health Systems Engineer.