Faculty/Clinicians/Staff: Amy Cohn, Mark Daskin, William Pozehl, Rishindra Reddy, F. Jacob Seagull
Students: Tiffany Ballard, Emily Burns, Ajaay Chandrasekaran, Ryan Chen, Zixiao Chen, Jennifer Chung, Aaron Cohen, Hussein Fardous, Tyler Grenda, Anurag Gulati, Autumn Heiney, Emma Hyde, Nate Janes, Mohammad Ali Jardaly, Leslie Korson, Wandi Lin, Boying Liu, Justin Moss, Andrea Obi, Asher Perlmutter, William Pozehl, Donald Richardson, Roshun Sankaran, Sumaiya Sarwar, Brendan Schultz, Siyuan Sun, Brooke Szymanski, Xun Xu, Megan Yanik, Yicong Zhang

Project Contact: [email protected]

Project Synopsis:

The Simulation Tool for Evaluating Random Educational Opportunities (STEREO) provides a simple and visual way to demonstrate how random events (e.g. surgical transplant opportunities) interact with fixed schedules (e.g. the rotating call schedule of medical residents) in sometimes counter-intuitive ways. The tool was originally designed to understand why a cardiothoracic department averaging forty transplants per year was struggling to achieve ten transplant training opportunities for each of their four fellows. It has been expanded to allow a variety of program directors to enter their own data, assess the likelihood of meeting different types of training requirements under varying program characteristics, and conduct “what-if” analyses. More broadly, STEREO can also be used by educators in both technical and non-technical fields to demonstrate and explore the impact of uncertainty on real-world problems.


STEREO: Simulation Tool for Evaluating Random Educational Opportunities

Papers, Posters, & Presentations: