Scheduling Clinical Shifts for Dermatology Residents


Faculty/Clinicians/Staff: Thomas Bander, Amy Cohn, Holley Comiskey, Emilie Dore, Milad Eshaq, Yolanda Helfrich, Elise Luddy, William Pozehl, Elizabeth Thompson, Eran Vieregge

Students: Katherine Adams, Kieran Baack, Aaron Claussen, Laura Hattar, Heather Hawkins, Daniel Huang, Malcolm Hudson, Jakob Kiel-Locey, Ryan Lentine, Renzi Li, Riley McKeown, Justin Moss, Justin Rogers, Samantha Roth, Bassel Salka, Chloe Smither, Muhammed Ugur, William Yang, Bill Zhang

Project Contact: [email protected]

Project Synopsis:

Chief Residents in the Dermatology Residency Program at the University of Michigan must create monthly schedules staffing all residents. In this project, we formulated a mathematical model and created a computerized decision support tool to aid in generating each month’s schedule. Residents must be assigned into clinical activities for the morning and afternoon of every weekday and those assignments must meet resident educational requirements as well as unit coverage demands. Previously, the Chief Resident had to build these schedules by hand, a process which could take several days and would not result in an optimal schedule. Implementation of the computerized tool has allowed for schedules to be produced in significantly less time while satisfying all schedule requirements and improving schedule quality across several metrics.

Papers, Posters, & Presentations: