Improving Patient Flow and Reducing Delays in a Glaucoma Clinic


Faculty/Clinicians/Staff: Amy Cohn, Roman Krivochenitser, Paula Anne Newman-Casey, Leslie Niziol

Students: Hanan Al-Awadhi, Henry Ballout, Jackson Bennett, Michelle Chen, Tommy Cohn, Erick Dagenais, Henry Ellis, Neil Gollapudi, Junhong Guo, Trevor Hoffman, Jhuree Hong, Daniel Huang, Christian Kavouras, Emily Krebs, Jiaoyang Li, Kevin Li, Tina Lin, Steven MacPherson, Malcolm Maturen, Cameron Misko, Elizabeth Olin, Caroline Owens, Nish Patel, Abhilash Rao, Justin Rogers, Roshun Sankaran, Casey Scavone, Gabrielle Shaughness, Joseph Sorenson, Rachel Wold, Catherine Xu

Project Contact: [email protected]

Project Synopsis:

Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the US. Regular clinic visits, an important part of disease management, involve multiples steps and multiple associated opportunities for patient delay. Our goals in this project are to identify potential reductions in wait time and, where wait times cannot be avoided, to increase opportunities to incorporate patient education. Personalized education and counseling have been shown to improve chronic disease self-management but those tools have not yet been integrated into glaucoma patient clinical care. We have developed a mechanism, based on RFID tracking, to capture real-time patient and provider location information, enabling us to better model patient flow through the clinic. We are using the collected data to simulate the current state and to evaluate proposed future policies for improving patient experiences and educational opportunities.

Papers, Posters, & Presentations:


  • Paula Anne Newman-Casey, John Musser, Leslie M. Niziol, Kerby Shedden, David Burke, Amy Cohn, “Overcoming Barriers in Scalable Radio Frequency Identification Clinic Design.” Manuscript submitted for publication.
  • Newman-Casey, Paula Anne, MD, MS; Musser, John A., BS; Niziol, Leslie M., MS; Heisler, Michele M., MD, MPA; Kamat, Shivani S., MD; Shah, Manjool M., MD; Patel, Nish, BA; Cohn, Amy M., PhD, “Integrating Patient Education into the Glaucoma Clinical Encounter: A Lean Analysis.” Journal of Glaucoma, 2019 Jan 11.



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