Improving Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital Staffing Using Discrete Event Simulation


Faculty/Clinicians/Staff: Prof. Amy Cohn, Dr. George Mellos, Julia Warner

Students: Samir Agarwala, Kishor Bharadwaj, Jordan Goodman, Matt Levenson, Luke Liu, Ducminh Ngo, Nikita Ramachadran, Matt See, Renata Terrazzan, Olga Tsuker, Daniel Vasquez

Project Contact: [email protected]

Project Synopsis:

Insufficient staffing levels in mental health facilities can lead to inadequate care for patients, provider burnout, and severe provider injuries. The State Hospital Staffing project was initiated to determine the optimal staffing levels for the Caro Center, a State of Michigan psychiatric hospital. Specifically, we are developing a simulation model to test how different staffing levels perform under the variability of patient need and staff availability.

A sub-project called State Hospital Staffing: Normal Operational Workbooks has also been initiated to analyze historical staffing decisions, identify the root causes of overtime, and inform future staff allocation decisions for the entire State of Michigan psychiatric hospital system. Excel workbooks and dashboards within the workbooks are in development. The workbooks will be used to diagnose historical staffing problems and assist in future staff allocation decision-making. Our goal is to provide the data needed to inform staffing decisions that will meet operational needs and assure the necessary level of patient care.