M-Safety: Improving Awareness of Catheters and Skin Wounds to Reduce Hospital-Acquired Infection


Faculty/Clinicians/Staff: Jessica Ameling, Amy Cohn, Jennifer Meddings, Sanjay Saint 

Students: Hassan Abbas, Jackson Bennett, Wesley Chen, Aaron Claussen, Daniel Cullen, Alex Fauer, Victoria Glunt, Loren Heubert-Aubry, Lauren Hirth, Jhuree Hong, Madalina Jiga, Tina Lin, Brittany Lopez, Dale Malette, Malcolm Maturen, Andrea McAuliffe, Ian McKenzie, Anna Munaco, Harini Pennathur, Roshun Sankaran, Matt See, Karmel Shehadeh, Sheridan Tobin, Kristine Wang, Megan Yanik

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Project Contact: Jessica Ameling

Project Synopsis:

This project, in collaboration with the University Hospital 8DNS unit at Michigan Medicine, focuses on developing and evaluating a bedside display that will show real-time data on the presence and duration of catheters and pressure wounds. Prolonged catheter placement in patients poses an increased risk of infection. Unfortunately, the literature shows that physicians are often unaware of the presence of catheters in their patients and that communication between nurses and physicians is often limited due to lack of physical interaction and dependence on the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). The display developed in this project aims to improve provider awareness of risks due to catheter placement and pressure wounds in order to prompt swift delivery of risk-reducing interventions, such as catheter removal and targeted skin care or repositioning.

Papers, Posters, & Presentations:


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  • Quinn M, Ameling JM, Forman J, Krein SL, Manojlovich M, Fowler KE, King EA, Meddings J.  “Persistent Barriers to Timely Catheter Removal Identified from Clinical Observations and Interviews.” Under Review. The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety.
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