Analysis of the Link between Public Transportation Infrastructure and Access to Medical Care


Faculty/Clinicians/Staff: Patrick Carter, Amy Cohn, Tawanna Dillahunt, Sonia Kamat, Pascal Van Hentenryck, Julia Warner

Students: Dima Chaar, John Cima, Anna Learis, Jiaoyang Li, Kevin Li, Tina Lin, Josh Lustig, James McAuliffe, Alex Mize, Justin Moss, Justin Rogers, Bassel Salka, Joseph Sorenson, Brooke Szymanksi, Sheridan Tobin, Catherine Xu

Project Contact: [email protected]

Project Synopsis:

This project investigated the link between public transportation infrastructure and access to healthcare. Specifically, we examined five years of data, consisting of all visits to the University of Michigan Emergency Department. For all patients whose home address was within the bus system accessing the ED, we generated average travel times using both public and private transportation and compared access to healthcare as a function of access to private transportation. We also explored correlations between social factors, census data, socio-economics, and transportation access.

Papers, Posters, & Presentations:



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  • “Reinventing Urban Transportation and Mobility.” CHEPS Symposium, Ann Arbor MI, November 2017.
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