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CHEPS 2020

It’s always exciting kicking off a new year in CHEPS. On Friday, January 17th we held our winter kick-off meeting where new and returning CHEPSters had a chance to connect. CHEPS staff and faculty presented the important rules and procedures necessary for work at CHEPS and in a hospital environment. As an ice breaker, each CHEPSter shared one boring fact about themselves ranging from how they liked their oatmeal to the preferred order of activities when brushing their teeth. It was a fun way to get to know a little bit about one another!

To start off 2020, students, faculty, and staff also shared their 2019 wins as well as hopes and goals for the coming year. These are all posted on a wall in CHEPS to remind us of our accomplishments and goals and we’re sharing some of our favorites below. We’d love to hear your proud moments from 2019 and anticipated moments or resolutions for 2020. You can Tweet them to us at @UofMCHEPS with hashtag #CHEPS2020.

CHEPSters at our Winter 2020 Kick-Off

Something I’m proud of from 2019 is…

  • I performed well academically. – Jordan, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • I finished my Master’s degree. – Amanda, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • Winning the Big Ten Rowing Championships! – Victoria, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • I learned to cook many new foods! – Nick, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • Passed Prelim Exam. – Junhong, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • I’m proud of branching out more in my second year here at Michigan. – Eric, Data Science
  • Pushing myself out of my comfort zone. – Laura, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • I’m proud of allowing myself to take risks and living authentically! – Emmett, Biomedical Engineering
  • I tried a lot of new things in 2019! – Liz, CHEPS staff
  • I went from 10 pushups per day to at least 10 pushups per day. – Gene, CHEPS Staff
  • Teaching a course in IOE. – Adam, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • Having a great start in every way to my Master’s Program! – Malcolm, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • CHEPS. – Fumi, Biophysics
  • Completed a 17-inch box jump. – Amy, CHEPS Associate Director
Group photo from CHEPS Winter 2020 Kick-Off

Something I’m looking forward to in 2020 is…

  • I’m looking forward to applying for full-time jobs! – Jordan, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • Finding a job related to healthcare. – Amanda, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • Graduating with both my Bachelor’s and my Master’s. – Victoria, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • I’m excited to be taking all IOE courses this year! – Nick, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • Being a GSI for the first time. – Junhong, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • I’m looking forward to College Club Swimming Nationals at UNC! – Eric, Data Science
  • New opportunities to get more involved on campus and pursue my interests. – Laura, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • I’m looking forward to exploring more opportunities for my future and my career. – Emmett, Biomedical Engineering
  • Traveling to Sacramento to visit my best friend. – Liz, CHEPS staff
  • More ballet – 4 classes per week for the winter, then 3 per week rest of year. – Gene, CHEPS Staff
  • Moving to Chicago post-graduation! – Malcolm, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • CHEPS. – Fumi, Biophysics
  • Bringing on new CHEPS students and working with new collaborators! – Amy, CHEPS Associate Director
Left: Nametags for CHEPS Students at Kick-Off
Right: Resolutions, Goals, & Accomplishments Displayed at CHEPS

My New Year’s Resolution is…

  • I’d like to eat healthier and exercise more often. – Jordan, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • Running my first 5K. – Amanda, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • Read books instead of watching Netflix/Disney+. – Victoria, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • I want to get back into piano. I played throughout my whole childhood and really miss performing. – Nick, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • Get an internship. – Junhong, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • Be comfortable being uncomfortable. Also, swim consistently! – Eric, Data Science
  • Work out more! – Laura, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • Stick to a consistent sleep schedule. – Emmett, Biomedical Engineering
  • To be better at sticking to a budget. – Liz, CHEPS staff
  • To speak and understand Korean. – Gene, CHEPS Staff
  • Play more board games & complete more puzzles. – Adam, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • My resolution for 2020 is to try to qualify for the 2021 Ironman 70.3 World Championships! – Malcolm, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • Do a 20-inch box jump. – Amy, CHEPS Associate Director

Recent News

Where in the World is CHEPS?

On October 26, 2019 at the Michigan Stadium, the Michigan Marching Band performed a halftime show titled “We Choose to Go” in honor of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). CHEPS Director Jim Bagian, a former NASA astronaut, joined the band on the field during their performance along with many other special guests.

See more “Where in the World is CHEPS?” at our website.

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