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Looking Forward: CHEPS in 2019
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Looking Forward: CHEPS in 2019

At the beginning of each semester, CHEPS students, faculty, and staff gather for a kick-off meeting. This meeting serves as a time to introduce new students to and give current students a refresher on important rules and procedures necessary for work at CHEPS and in a hospital environment. However, it’s also a chance to greet returning students and welcome new students to the CHEPS family. Students traditionally introduce themselves with a fun personal fact, from exciting experiences like “I went skydiving last semester,” to questionable diets like “I like to make sandwiches out of Wheat Thins and Sour Patch Kids.”

This year, students, faculty, and staff also shared reflections on 2018 as well as hopes and goals for 2019. These were written on index cards to create a “CHEPS in 2019” wall. We’re sharing some of our favorites below. And we’d love to hear your proud moments from 2018 and anticipated moments or resolutions for 2019. You can Tweet them to us at @UofMCHEPS with hashtag #CHEPS2019.

Group photo taken at the winter 2019 kick-off meeting.

Something I’m Proud of From 2018 Is…

“I’m proud of moving to Michigan and successfully completing my first MS semester at UMICH. Go Blue!” – Amanda, Industrial & Operations Engineering

“I did 3,650 push-ups! 10 a day!” – Gene, CHEPS Staff

“Starting going to the gym!” – Trevor, Industrial & Operations Engineering

“In 2018 I fulfilled a different resolution each month… and I have a new batch for 2019!” – Adam, Industrial & Operations Engineering

Our 2019 kick-off meeting.

Something I’m Looking Forward to in 2019 Is…

“I am looking forward to attending a research conference over spring break!” – Camille, Neuroscience & Cognitive Science

“In 2019 I’m looking forward to starting new projects at CHEPS and making new friends.” – Abhi, LS&A

“Ballet three times a week!” – Gene, CHEPS Staff

“Graduation!” – Jordan, Industrial & Operations Engineering

“Graduating from grad school!” – Trevor, Industrial & Operations Engineering

“In 2019 I’m looking forward to visiting fellow CHEPSter (and brother) James while he studies abroad in Sydney, Australia.” – Andrea, Industrial & Operations Engineering

“In 2019 I am looking forward to smiling more. Be happy at CHEPS!” – Amanda, Industrial & Operations Engineering

“In 2019 I’m excited to be done with most of my intro classes and take cooler classes.” – Lea, Computer Science

“In 2019 I’m excited to graduate and apply to medical school!” – Lauren, Biomechanical Engineering

“I’m looking forward to telling more stories about the awesome work CHEPS teams are doing.” – Liz, CHEPS Staff

“I’m looking forward to being surrounded by the intelligent and insightful CHEPS family for another semester.” – Michael, Industrial & Operations Engineering

Our CHEPS in 2019 wall. Feel free to make your own addition next time you’re at CHEPS!

One of My New Years Resolutions Is…

“Become Dr. Richardson in 2019!” – Donald, Industrial & Operations Engineering

“In 2019, I want to become a better software developer.” – Muhammed, Computer Science

“My resolution for 2019 is to qualify for the Boston Marathon.” – Cameron, Industrial & Operations Engineering

“Drink more water! (You can remind me.)” – Julia, CHEPS Staff

“In the words of Aaron Burr: ‘Talk less. Smile More.'” – Amy, CHEPS Associate Director

“In 2019, I look to seek out unique experiences over material possessions.” – Ryan, Industrial & Operations Engineering

“Eat more, sleep more, exercise more, listen more.” – Kristine, Computer Science

“Make BLOCK build faster!” – Junhong, Industrial & Operations Engineering

“Do a handstand!” – Jim, CHEPS Director and Gene, CHEPS Staff

“Eat less processed foods.” – Anna, Industrial & Operations Engineering

“Get an internship. Be more optimistic.” – Daniel, Industrial & Operations Engineering

“I want to run a marathon.” – Bassel, Industrial & Operations Engineering

“Make an album and save more than $5,000 by December 31st.” – Jhawan, Industrial & Operations Engineering

“I want to run a 5k in 2019.” – Matthew, Pre-Med

“In 2019 I hope to run a marathon.” – Caroline, Industrial & Operations Engineering

“Get healthier! Run 5k!” – Michelle, Industrial & Operations Engineering

“Go to the gym.” – Jordan, Industrial & Operations Engineering

“Eat less meat.” – Trevor, Industrial & Operations Engineering

“In 2019 I hope to fill it with more meaningful and exciting memories and experiences and be more healthy.” – Jhuree, Computer Science

Recent News

Where in the World is CHEPS

Donald Richardson, CHEPSter and IOE PhD student, came back to the US through Paris after presenting at the INFORMS Winter Simulation Conference which took place in Gothenburg, Sweden. He had enough time during his layover to go see the Eiffel Tower.

See more Where in the World is CHEPS on our webpage.

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