CHEPS Pulse: A New Year at CHEPS, January 2022

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A New Year At CHEPS

We asked CHEPSters to share some reflections on 2021 and what they’re looking forward to in 2022. 

What’s something you were proud of in 2021?

  • “Being a member of CHEPS!” – Yoonhwan, CS Undergraduate
  • “Discovering the career path/field I want to pursue.” – Fernanda, Bio Undergraduate
  • “I planned (and went on) my first camping trip.”  – Caroline, IOE Undergraduate
  • “All the work me and my co-workers completed at CHEPS.” – Maddy, IOE Undergraduate
  • “Took the MCAT!” – Maxine, BME Undergraduate
  • “I was really proud of starting college in a new city where I didn’t know anyone.”  – Sarisha, Bio Undergraduate
  • “Having a baby, getting through the newborn stage, Finding a new (fantastic) job. :)” – Christy, CHEPS Staff
  • “Survived.” – Gene, CHEPS Staff
  • “Graduating with my bachelor’s degree.” – Emmett, IOE Masters
  • “I kept up with a regular writing practice.”  – Liz, CHEPS Staff
  • “I’m proud that we were able to scale up wide-spread COVID saliva testing across campus.” – Amy, CHEPS Faculty Director
Winter 22 Kick Off Meeting
Our Winter 2022 Kick-Off Meeting

What was something that made you happy in 2021?

  • “All of the great people supporting me.” – Yoonhwan, CS Undergraduate
  • “Michigan beating Ohio State.” – Jeremy, IOE Undergraduate
  • “Friends and family; meeting new people again.” – Fernanda, Bio Undergraduate
  • “Rafting 100 miles on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho.”  – Caroline, IOE Undergraduate
  • “Michigan winning the Big 10 Champs. :)” – Maddy, IOE Undergraduate
  • “Graduating with my best friends!”  – Sarisha, Bio Undergraduate
  • “Being back ‘home’ in Michigan. Spending lots of time with family. Working at CHEPS.” – Christy, CHEPS Staff
  • “Survived, Korea was also cool.” – Gene, CHEPS Staff
  • “Spending time with my partner and my family.” – Emmett, IOE Masters
  • “My cat coworkers when we were working from home.” – Liz, CHEPS Staff
  • “Getting to see CHEPSters in person, a little bit more often!” – Amy, CHEPS Faculty Director

What’s something you are looking forward to in 2022?

  • “I want to get new opportunities that can make me learn new materials.” – Yoonhwan, CS Undergraduate
  • “Graduating in May and starting my Master’s in the Fall.” – Jeremy, IOE Undergraduate
  • “Being less stressed about Covid (hopefully).” – Fernanda, Bio Undergraduate
  • “Seeing Billie Eilish in concert this March!” – Caroline, IOE Undergraduate
  • “I’m studying abroad in Madrid this semester and am so excited to explore Europe!” – Maddy, IOE Undergraduate
  • “I’m looking forward to seeing Dua Lipa in concert!”  – Sarisha, Bio Undergraduate
  • “My puppy.” – Gene, CHEPS Staff
  • “Graduating with my Master’s degree and taking the next steps in my educational journey!” – Emmett, IOE Masters
  • “Hopefully being able to see some friends I haven’t been able to see in a few years!” – Liz, CHEPS Staff
  • “I’m excited to welcome more students and staff to the CHEPS team so we can build on the excellent work we’re already doing. I’m also looking forward to diving further into my role as Chief Transformation Officer at Michigan Medicine and engaging students with the work I’m doing there.” – Amy, CHEPS Faculty Director

What’s your low-pressure New Year’s resolution?

  • “I want to wake up at 9:00am at the latest.” – Yoonhwan, CS Undergraduate
  • “I would like to wake up earlier. :)” – Jeremy, IOE Undergraduate
  • “Play basketball more and improve my Spanish.” – Fernanda, Bio Undergraduate
  • “Use more of what I have instead of buying new things.”  – Caroline, IOE Undergraduate
  • “Making my bed every morning before I start the day.” – Maddy, IOE Undergraduate
  • “Say yes to more things.” – Maxine, BME Undergraduate
  • “My New Year’s resolution is to meet as many new people as possible.” – Sarisha, Bio Undergraduate
  • “Survive.” – Gene, CHEPS Staff
  • “I want to practice being more creative in small ways!” – Emmett, IOE Masters
  • “I’m trying to enjoy working more slowly and focusing on the task at hand.” – Amy, CHEPS Faculty Director

Recent News

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Our Fall 2021 seminar series is complete but many of the talks are available to view online

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“One of the best things is also just seeing CHEPS people out and about randomly. Michigan’s a big school, so seeing everyone from CHEPS at random places just makes the school smaller and feel like there’s a sense of community.” – David Keller, Industrial & Operations Engineering Undergraduate

CHEPSter TV Recommendations

As part of our January kick-off, we asked CHEPS students their favorite TV shows to binge. Their answers make up the graphic below. 

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