CHEPS Pulse: Ringing in the New Year at CHEPS, January 2021

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Ringing in the New Year at CHEPS

It’s difficult to believe but our winter 2021 kick-off meeting was our third virtual kick-off. Our Zoom kick-off on January 15th started with introductions including a few controversial questions: best dessert and whether the toilet paper roll goes on over or under. The majority said “over” for the latter but there were several outliers. After introductions, we went through the ins and outs of working with CHEPS.

CHEPSters at the Winter 2021 kick-off

As we begin another year at CHEPS, we thought it would be fun to share some of our 2020 victories and our 2021 hopes and goals. Since 2020 was a challenging year, we decided to focus on low-pressure resolutions. We’d love for you to share yours with us on Twitter @UofMCHEPS.

What’s something you were proud of in 2020?

  • I ran 10 consecutive miles this summer. – Caroline, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • I drove across the country without getting a speeding ticket. – Anirudh, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • Getting through my first fully virtual semester! – Laura, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • I cleaned the parts of my house you can see on zoom. – Gene, CHEPS Staff
  • My garden — with nowhere else to go, I actually watered it this year! – Amy, CHEPS Faculty Director
  • Getting over 1000 steps every day. – Ritvik, Biomedical Engineering
  • Keeping up with classes and work in the midst of the pandemic. – Emmett, Biomedical Engineering
  • Joining CHEPS! – Dipra, Biomedical Engineering
  • I took four virtual writing classes! – Liz, CHEPS Staff

What’s something you are looking forward to in 2021?

  • Listening to new music. – Caroline, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • To find a new favorite restaurant. – Anirudh, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • My last summer break before my first job! – Laura, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • Moving to Idaho in the summer. – Aidan, Computer Science
  • Defending my dissertation and graduating. – Junhong, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • Cleaning the other parts of my house. – Gene, CHEPS Staff
  • TRAVELING!!! And, of course, meeting all our newest CHEPSters in person! – Amy, CHEPS Faculty Director
  • Going back to campus! – Ritvik, Biomedical Engineering
  • Completing my Tauber project through EGL and starting grad school! – Emmett, Biomedical Engineering
  • (Public health-informedly) savoring the last of senior year! – Dipra, Biomedical Engineering
  • Getting to hang out with my nieces and nephews once we can do so safely! – Liz, CHEPS Staff

What’s your low-pressure New Year’s resolution?

  • Read at least 7 books. – Caroline, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • To use more than just the same 3 t-shirts I always use. – Anirudh, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • Drink more water! – Laura, Industrial & Operations Engineering
  • Keep my houseplants alive. – Aidan, Computer Science
  • I’m learning to cook Korean food, or at least my version. Someone has to feed my father. I’m gonna learn to make kimchee. This is all mom’s doing, and I can feel her cooking with me. – Gene, CHEPS Staff
  • Be kinder to myself, and praise people publicly more often. – Amy, CHEPS Faculty Director
  • Stop throwing clothes everywhere 😐 – Ritvik, Biomedical Engineering
  • Eat breakfast every day. 🙂 – Emmett, Biomedical Engineering
  • I’d like to slow down and do a little more writing and reflection. – Dipra, Biomedical Engineering

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