Development of Methods for Improved Post-Marketing Surveillance of Hip and Knee Replacement Implants Summer 2015

Fpost-marketing surveillance

Participants: Richard Hughes, Brian Hallstrom, Bonita Singal, and Zack Prebay

Project Contact: Richard E. Hughes, Ph.D., [email protected]

Project Synopsis: The medical device industry is prolific, introducing new products every year. Many work better than their predecessors. However, some perform less well. Some perform remarkably poorly and pose risks to patients. For example, the ASR Hip Resurfacing System proved to have a substantially higher reoperation (“revision”) risk than other hip replacement implants. It was identified by the Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement Registry (AOANJRR) and National Joint Registry of England, Wales and Northern Ireland (NJR). Dr. Hughes is Co-Director of the Michigan Arthroplasty Registry Collaborative Quality Initiative (MARCQI), which collects data on hip and knee implants used in over 40 hospitals in Michigan. The research effort of this project is directed at developing new analytical methods for post-marketing surveillance that will integrate data from national registries such as the AOANJRR and NJR with regional registries such as MARCQI. For more information about MARCQI, see the website.

Papers, Posters, & Presentations:



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