Shift Scheduling Team

This blog is written by the Summer 2021 Shift Scheduling Team: Dipra Debnath, Madelaine Emesden, Arlo Halpern, Yvonne Lin, and Shraddha Ramesh. 

The first thing the Shift Scheduling team did this summer was learn how to use the scheduling tool. We did this by watching our staff lead and scheduling wizard, Billy Pozehl, build the Block 2 schedule on Zoom. When we receive inputs from the Chief Resident, we need to make edits so that the information is digestible for the code. He walked us through this process and then told us to “make a schedule we personally think is good.” Continue Reading »

Leena Ghrayeb, Industrial and Operations Engineering Ph.D. Student

Leena Ghrayeb

As I reflect on the first year of my Ph.D., I’m amazed at how much I’ve grown, both academically and personally. I embarked on this journey during a global crisis, and as the COVID-19 pandemic made my worries a reality, I quickly had to learn how to adjust. I was expecting to move to Ann Arbor, to attend my courses in a classroom, and to collaborate with my colleagues and advisors in-person. I’d been dreaming of the day I’d start at U of M for years, and not being able to have the “normal” start I was expecting was disappointing, to say the least. Continue Reading »